New Vision Group Home

New Vision Group Home is one of the only residential facilities for adolescents in New Mexico that caters to both males and females, 11-18 years of age. Clients are referred from a variety of JPO’s, Social Workers, and other relevant agencies or treatment centers from all across the state. The program is designed and maintains a therapeutic environment to address problems due to increasing crime rates, gang activity, delinquent behaviors, substance abuse, conduct disorder, oppositional behavior, poor family dynamics, depression, sexual abuse, educational problems, and other delinquent behaviors before they get out of control.

New Vision Group Home has been providing services for the last 8 years, catering to clients that exhibit moderate behavioral problems, need more than outpatient therapy, but don’t meet the criteria for a higher level of care. Throughout the program each client will participate in individual, group, and family therapy. Clients will also learn about the affects of substance, anger management techniques, and life / independent skills to assist them on functioning in the home, school, and community settings. Clients will also have the opportunity to seek and develop job skills through various local agencies and places of employment.

New Vision Group Home uses a point system to help determine progress, which requires clients to earn points to be eligible for privileges.

The program consists of (2) units housing males and females separately. Each unit is equipped with recreation rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Gaming and recreational machines are available.

The facility is also built with a large size kitchen, dining area, and laundry room.

Program Availability:
16- Male rooms
12- Female rooms





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