New Vision Group Home is one of the only residential facilities for adolescents in Eastern New Mexico that caters to both males and females, 11 to 18 years of age. Clients are referred from a variety of JPO’s, social workers, and other relevant agencies or treatment centers from all across the state. The program is designed and maintains a therapeutic environment to address problems due to increasing crime rates, gang activity, delinquent behaviors, substance abuse, conduct disorder, oppositional behavior, poor family dynamics, depression, sexual abuse, educational problems, and other delinquent behaviors before they get out of control.


Our Philosophy:

We want to give each client a New Vision in Life. This vision will help them to learn and function in society, increase self esteem, and achieve success through past failures. New Vision wants its clients to leave feeling good about themselves and assist them in using self control before engaging in any defiant or delinquent behaviors.

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New Vision Team

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